Hunter's Instincts

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The vampire is an apex predator that can sense the pulse of life beating in the chests of the living and smell the fear in their sweat. This preternatural sense of smell and otherworldly hearing allows the vampire to track movement of living targets even in perfect darkness.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: Wits + Animalism vs Composure + Resolve
  • System: A win allows the vampire to map out a living being within a number of meters equal to ten times their Animalism rating, including their heart rate and the approximate level of fear or anxiety in the target. The vampire suffers no visual penalties based on poor visibility when interacting with such targets. On a critical this gives the user information on the the target's Resonance, if any.

This power can be used both actively and passively, allowing the vampire to seek out prey or react to living things coming within their sensory range.

  • Duration: Passive

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Author: Lumi

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