Ichor's Betrayal

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Blood Sorcery Ritual •••••

This dark power is rightly feared by many that know of it. It allows the caster to puppet their victim as if they were in their own body. This is done through the manipulation of the victims blood at a distance.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: Standard Ritual roll.
  • System: Ingredients: A vial of the victim's Blood/vitae.

System: A successful ritual allows total control of the victims body from a distance. The victim does not have to be looking at you nor do they even have to be aware of your presence or even in your vicinity. Though you lose awareness of your body's surroundings you gain the ability to experience the world through the body of your victim using their own vitae as conduit for this. You may make the victim do whatever you wish even if it leads to their harm or final death. While in this state you may not use any disciplines. All physical dice pools are done with that of the victims and mental/social of your own. If your victim does die you will return to your body. On a failure this may not be attempted again for one story on this specific victim.

  • Duration: 1 Scene

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Author: LostGhostGirl

Other Credits: GuavArt


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