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Some claim it’s Tara Kearney’s force of personality that keeps the domain of San Diego together. Other’s know it is the loyalty of her brood that shackles them to their progenitor. For more than half a century she and her council have ruled the city, crushing bones and dreams of those not of her blood. Most of the Free States hate her with a passion but the Marchioness ambitions lie to the south, claiming Baja California as the new domain of Pacifica. Innumerable are the lives lost. There are few lines she would not cross, dealing with monsters, trading humans as livestock, using cartel violence to cover her tracks and keeping the city addicted to the flow of blood and cash. Something’s got to give eventually.

Wherever you wandered in from, you belong to the greater family that the Kearney line recognizes and are provided with a two dot Mask constructed by her lady’s cobbler. Once per story you can request to have a new Mask created for you for a minor boon.
•• Trueborn
True member of the Kearney line, you are expected to work towards sharing and fulfilling Tara’s wishes and are in turn showered in love and recognition. Whenever you work to further Tara Kearney’s stated ambition, you recover one aggravated Willpower damage per session.
••• Incubus
You belong to her brood but left her back in Texas, maybe to partake in the civil war, maybe to find your own destiny. Now you are back at her side in San Diego, respected and feared for breaking the rules. Once per story you can break one of the Marchioness’ rules without fear of negative consequences.
•••• Succubus
There is responsibility for the demons of San Diego but there is also reward. You gain access to six dots spent between Contacts, Herd, Mawla, Resources, Retainers, and Status as long as you stay in good graces with the Council and do not share these benefits with those outside the brood.
••••• Executioner
The council of San Diego consists of Tara’s most trusted childer. You are one of them, fighting to keep the line strong, replacing your opponents with your own blood. Once per chronicle you may pronounce a hunt on a Kindred of a different clan who caused your ire. For a year your line may heed the call. If the hunt is successful the victims skull may be gifted to the Marchioness in exchange for the right to embrace a new childe in San Diego. If unsuccessful you lose your place at the council.


Author: Pangur Bán.

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