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You are a ruler, a general or at least too great to get your hands dirty yourself. You keep at least a degree of separation between you and the act of securing vessels for you to slake your hunger, by relying on and directing your subjects to hunt for you.

  • Add a specialty: Leadership ( Command ) or Streetwise ( Gangs )
  • Gain one dot of: Presence or Dominate
  • Gain a 3 dot Retainer, to represent your huntsman
  • Gain 1 dots between the Enemy or Stalker flaw, to represent the people who oppose your rule or have become smitten with you, as well as the Dark Secret Flaw: Masquerade Breacher, as it will not go over well if other Kindred realise there’s mortals without the proper ability to cover up breaches going around hunting for you.

Predator Pool: Charisma + Leadership or Leadership + Retainer


Author: Alzuule

Other Credits:


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