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Animalism •••••

True masters of Animalism are not limited by distance. The greatest of Tzimisce Voivodes and Nosferatu spymasters are uncontested lords over their domains and everything in them, able to manipulate their subjects with little more than a thought.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check in addition to the cost of the power amplified
  • Dice Pool: None
  • System: This power requires the user to establish control over a domain or territory of some sort, mark its boundaries with their Blood, and hold it uncontested. If the marks are effaced or destroyed, or another vampire takes up residence in the domain without the lord's permission, this power ceases to function.

By making an additional Rouse Check when activating an Animalism power within their domain, the lord can amplify the power to affect every possible target in that domain. Each target can roll to contest separately, or the lord can make a single roll against the highest resistance pool.

Special: This amplification has no effect on _Bond Famulus_, or on any power with passive duration.

  • Duration: As the duration of the amplified power.

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Author: Dercomai/Draconis

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