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A quote

Name Luke Mills
Clan Brujah
Sect Anarch
Gender Male
Hair Shaggy, Shoulder Length Blonde Hair
Eyes Brown
Height 5'10"/155.45cm
Weight 143lbs/65.9kg
Apparent Age 22
Actual Age 73


Born to a poor family in rural New England, Luke was always looking to build a better life. While he disagreed with the Vietnam War, he knew enlisting in the military was one of his only ways out of poverty. What this youthful farm boy didn't realize, however, was the sheer brutality of war. What he did in 'Nam haunts him to this day. When he returned home, nothing was the same. He was a broken man who couldn't bare show his vulnerabilities, so he left for Boston, where he could disappear into the crowd. He found shelter amongst the hippies and activists, where he was slowly radicalized. He blamed the American government for all the pain he felt, from his family's lack of money to the horrors he experienced in Vietnam. This hatred for the forces that be is what attracted his sire, Angelo Carelli, who would subsequently give him the embrace. Over the past 50 years since being turned, Luke has embedded himself in the Anarch Movement across the American East Coast, and travels around from city to city to fight against the oppression of the Camarilla. As he isn't particularly charismatic or intelligent, he mostly acts as trained muscle for whichever Baron needs his services in the moment.


Luke is fairly reserved, and speaks more often through actions than words. That isn't to say he's shy. Rather, he isn't going to waist his "breath" on intimidation when he can beat the poor sod up instead.

Plot Hooks

Luke is always looking for an opportunity to stick it to the man, and will gladly employ the players to wreak havoc on the local Camarilla in whichever way they see fit. He also relays information for the Anarch Movement across the East Coast, which means he often has to lay low from the Cam or Second Inquisition. He may need the players to carry information for him, or help divert enemies away from his shelter.

Other Information

Predator type is Alleycat, Humanity is 6.

Character Sheet

Strength •••• Charisma •• Intelligence
Dexterity ••• Manipulation •• Wits •••
Stamina ••• Composure •• Resolve ••
Athletics ••• Animal Ken Academics
Brawl ••• Etiquette Awareness ••
Craft Insight Finance
Drive •• Intimidation Investigation
Firearms ••• Leadership Medicine
Larceny Performance Occult
Melee Persuasion Politics ••
Stealth •• Streetwise •• Science
Survival Subterfuge Technology
Contacts 3, Status (Anarchs) 3, Mask 2, Short Bond 2, Shunned (Camarilla) 2
Potence ••• Celerity •• Presence
Lethal Body, Prowess, Brutal Feed Rapid Reflexes, Fleetness Daunt
4th Discipline Template:4th Discipline rating, must be a numberDot 5th Discipline Template:5th Discipline rating, must be a numberDot 6th Discipline Template:6th Discipline rating, must be a numberDot
Powers for Discipline 4 Powers for Discipline 5 Powers for Discipline 6
Convictions and Touchstones
First Conviction if any First Touchstone if any Second Conviction if any Second Touchstone if any Third Conviction if any Third Touchstone if any
Vampiric Traits
Generation 12th Blood Potency


Author: GrandKyogre

Other Credits: Any similarities to already existing characters or real peoples is completely unintentional, but feel free to give credit anyways if substantial similarities exist.


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