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Chaos is my path. I love how it sets elders and licks alike scrambling for solid ground.

Name Luna
Clan Tremere
Sect Anarch
Gender Female
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Height Short
Weight Stocky
Apparent Age 28
Actual Age 90


Luna is the sole Anarch Tremere in the Camarilla dominated city of Broadmouth. As such, she has accrued a great many favours from the Anarchs following the widening rift between sects. She is a long-established figure of the city having escaped from the Vienna chantry after those holding her blood bond (including her sire) were captured by the Society of Leopold and eventually slaughtered. Finally free after many years of enslavement, she has vowed to never be under the thumb of another again and now attempts to rule her on roost in the free-for-all of the Anarchs. She was a skilled performer and magician in her human life, and this prowess carried through to her unlife leading her to be a powerful blood-mage though her personality never did gel with what she calls "book learning" and as such is nowhere near as scholarly or learned as one might expect of a Tremere.


Flighty and fanciful, Luna is a extremely impulsive creature, prone to wanton thoughts and revelling in attention. She loves a game and can grow extremely bored quickly which often leads to her doing another impulsive thing. This can be extraordinarily annoying for other Kindred attempting to include her in plots as her whimsical nature and her abhorrence at being controlled or manipulated leads her to be a very volatile and unpredictable ally. Nevertheless, she has survived a great many years doing what she has and learnt a great deal from her experiences meaning that others may underestimate her capabilities given her age.

Another reason for her capricious nature is that it is her sole connection to her humanity. She is now old enough to realise the impotence of her one unlife against the immensity of the institutions such as the Tremere Chantries or the Camarilla. But, she has a soft spot for those who seek the fight and still have fire within them. She is prone to empowering these folks on these flits of passion. Whether it is dropping off tidbits of information, shadowing and assisting unseen, or a reckless ghouling and breaking of the masquerade (though she shall never embrace); she keeps her ties to humanity by these random acts of intervention.

Plot Hooks

Luna is almost obsessed with Thin-Bloods. Their magic is unlike anything she has seen before, a true culmination of both science, artistry and performance. She is keen to learn how best to exploit this new piece on the game-board to upset all the other pieces.

Other Information

Other info about the character

Character Sheet

Strength Charisma •••• Intelligence •••
Dexterity •••• Manipulation •••• Wits ••
Stamina ••• Composure •• Resolve ••••
Athletics Animal Ken Academics
Brawl ••• Etiquette •• Awareness
Craft •• Insight Finance
Drive Intimidation •••• Investigation ••
Firearms Leadership •• Medicine
Larceny Performance •••• Occult
Magic Ghosts
Melee ••• Persuasion ••• Politics •••
Stealth •• Streetwise •• Science
Survival Subterfuge •• Technology
Tailor to your story
Auspex •• Blood Sorcery ••••• Dominate ••
Sense the Unseen, Heightened Senses A Taste for Blood, Corrosive Vitae, Extinguish Vitae, Blood of Potency, Baal's Caress Compel, Mesmerize
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Convictions and Touchstones
I will not become a slave again. Flynn Takenado I will always hurt the institutions. Eoin Hargreaves (now thin-blood) {{{conviction3}}} {{{touchstone3}}}
Vampiric Traits
Generation 11th Blood Potency ••


Author: tolbio64

Other Credits: Other credits (collaborators, etc.)


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