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A version of the discipline featured in VtMB2, altered to be more usable at the table. I would basically allow Thinbloods to take this as a Thin Blood Merit, something like "Discipline Inceptor" or so.

Nicknames: Too New For Such Things

This Discipline causes the Kindred to interact with the world using the strength of their mind alone.


  • Type: Sorcery
  • Masquerade Threat: Low to High; Some uses of Mentalism are quite subtle, or passed off quite easily, such as tripping someone or turning on the lights with a "special phone app". Others, like flight, are a pretty clear masquerade breach, and thin-bloods who exhibit this power casually are often never seen again.
  • Blood Resonance: Melancholic; Particularly cerebral humans, such as scientists, engineers, or librarians.

Level 1

Movement of the Mind

There is only a single One Dot Power for Mentalism. This power allows you to wield your telekinesis like an extension of your body.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check per contest
  • Dice Pool:
  • System: No roll is needed to activate this power, and there is no cost to using your telekinesis against small items in small ways(In general, if you do not need to make a roll, you do not need to roll a Rouse check). You may manipulate things within sight and within 10 metres using your telekinesis. You use your Mentalism rating in place of both Strength and Dexterity for most purposes.

However, trying to move someone actively resisting requires a contest of Intelligence + Mentalism vs Strength + Athletics. On a win, you can pull the victim within their reach, or throw them one meter for each point of margin on the contest, doing an equal amount of Superficial damage. They land prone, barring supernatural talents.

Keeping someone or something floating in mid-air requires an Intelligence + Mentalism (Difficulty 3, or 3 + the Strength + Athletics if you suspend a struggling target) roll every turn(This typically demands only an initial Rouse check, though suspending a struggling target demands a test each turn)

Fine manipulation (such as pulling the pin of a grenade) requires a Wits + Mentalism roll at a suitable Difficulty, as determined by the Storyteller.

While using Movement of the Mind, you may only manipulate one person or object, or a series of connected objects(Such a key and doorknob together, or a pair of chopsticks), at a time.

  • Duration: One or more rounds

  • Cost:
  • Dice Pool:
  • System:
  • Duration:

Level 2


This effect empowers a specific use of your telekinesis, which is your ability to apply it to a struggling target.

  • Cost: None
  • Dice Pool:
  • System: Using this power has no cost, and automatically activates when you make a contested Mentalism roll against a struggling target. If you initially fail the contest, you may reroll a number of dice equal to your Composure. If this causes you to win the contest, you consider the margin to be exactly 1, regardless of the final successes. If you initially succeed the contest, you increase the contest's margin by your Composure.
  • Duration: N/A

Unseen Strength

It takes a special level of precision and state of mind to use your telekinesis alongside your bodily strength; This is the ability to allow you to do so.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool:
  • System: No roll is required to activate this power. You activate this power when you roll a die pool with Strength or Dexterity, and you may activate it alongside a Blood Surge. You roll your Mentalism as part of your Strength or Dexterity pool, using your telekinesis in tandem with your ordinary body, and your Strength or Dexterity is considered that much higher when resolving the effects of the test.
  • Duration: One test

Level 3


This power grants the ability to levitate yourself or a victim without extreme difficulty and cost.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Mentalism vs Strength + Athletics
  • System: This functions primarily as a normal aspect of your Movement of the Mind Power, allowing you to lift yourself or others with little cost. When lifting yourself, you make the rouse test, and can thereafter hover a few feet off the ground. If necessary, your dice pool for controlling this flight is Wits + Mentalism. When lifting others, this behaves as per the ordinary system for lifting a struggling creature in Movement of the Mind, however you only pay the cost a single time, rather than at each contest.
  • Duration: Until the end of the Scene, until resisted, or until deactivated

Ten Thousand Hands

Vampires who wield telekinesis want to mount a wall of knives and other sharp objects in the air, stop bullets and such. Well this doesn't let you stop Bullets(See Bullet Catch), but it does let you do the knife thing.

  • Cost: No Extra
  • Dice Pool:
  • System: This power modifies your Movement of the Mind by allowing you to manipulate any number of things simultaneously, rather than limiting you to one at a time. This power has a severe limitation, however; It does not allow you to perform multiple contests in one turn. Thus, you can manipulate a wall of knives, or otherwise a large number of random things, but you would not be able to Throw all of them at once, nor restrain several struggling targets at once.
  • Duration: N/A


This power allows you to apply direct force at odd angles to items you manipulate with your telekinesis.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Wits + Mentalism
  • System: While lifting and manipulating something using your telekinesis, you may fling it using your telekinesis, allowing you to make a long-ranged attack using the flung person or object. This is resolved as a normal attack roll, but if you fling a person, they suffer equal damage to your target(Or more, if your target happens to be a large metal spike...) When in doubt about the range of this attack, if the target is within a number of metres equal to 10 times your Willpower, they're probably within your range.
  • Duration: Instant

Level 4

Bullet Catch

For those vampires wanting to be a super hero and/or villain, this is the power that lets you catch bullets and other attacks with your telekinesis.

  • Cost: None or One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Wits + Mentalism
  • System: This Power lets you use your telekinesis for defense. To stop bullets or similarly high-velocity projectiles, or explosive effects, you must make a Rouse check to activate this power. You otherwise are simply able to defend yourself from physical, bodily harm using your Wits + Mentalism roll.
  • Duration: Instant


Any vampire Mentalist knows how to apply force with their mind. Particularly talented kindred learn to minimize the area of their force, creating a deadly "edge" of telekinetic force.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Mentalism
  • System: This Power grants you a powerful telekinetic attack using your Intelligence + Mentalism. This attack has a weapon rating equal to your Resolve. Targets defend with Stamina alone, and Fortitude if appropriate. Against Vampires, this is nonhalved superficial damage, but it is Aggravated against mortals.
  • Duration:

Ten Thousand Arms

  • Prerequisite: Ten Thousand Hands

  • Cost: One or more Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool:
  • System: While you manipulate multiple objects using Ten Thousand Hands, you are able to make contests as normal. You must make a Rouse Check for each contest, as usual, potentially causing a fully nourished thinblood to fall to their basest instincts after mere moments of unleashing this power.
  • Duration: As appropriate

Level 5


  • Prerequisite: Levitate

This is the power which lets a thin-blood fly through the skies, hopefully not dying or getting caught while doing so.

  • Cost: None
  • Dice Pool: Wits + Mentalism for maneuvering
  • System: You make no Rouse check when levitating yourself. This otherwise behaves as to Levitate and Movement of the Mind.
  • Duration:

Kinetic Shield

  • Prerequisite: Bullet Catch

With a continuous, precise application of telekinesis, one can create a sort of force field. Such terms are for science fiction, however, and vampires use a Kinetic Shield instead.

  • Cost: Two Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: See System
  • System: This Power creates a 6 feet by 4 feet shield of telekinetic force. It is millimetres thin, but can provide cover and absorbs damage. When you defend from an attack using your telekinesis, the damage passes through this shield before it hits you. If the damage is aggravated, a number of points of it equal to your Resolve is converted to Superficial(Then halved, as normal). If the damage is superficial, the damage is simply reduced by your Resolve. If the damage is a mix of aggravated and superficial, or your Resolve is greater than the amount of Aggravated damage you would take, you resolve the Aggravated damage first, then apply the rest of your resolve to the Superficial damage.
  • Duration: One Scene or until ended early


Author: ♥Abel♥

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