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Presence ••

  • Amalgam: Celerity 2

Users of this power can cause their Presence to quickly and precisely flare, projecting an intense veneer of menace or innocence and shaking the resolve of an attacker with sudden irrational fear or guilt as a result. Though the effect lasts for a few moments, its applicability to combat has saved the unlives of many socially-inclined Kindred.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: none
  • System: The user can make the Rouse Check to activate the power when a physical conflict dice pool would be rolled against them, targeting the perpetrator of the harmful action. Only one target can be chosen per activation. For a number of turns equal to their dots in Presence, whenever the affected creature attempts to harm the user (including the triggering attempt), they must first either spend Willpower equal to the vampire’s dots in Presence or succeed in a Willpower test against a difficulty equal to the user’s dots in Presence. On a success, they may act as normal; on a failure, they take superficial damage to Willpower equal to the margin of failure and cannot attempt to harm the user that turn (their actions are not wasted and they can, for instance, choose a different target).

A person who becomes Impaired due to damage from this power takes the two-dice penalty to any rolls made to harm the vampire while the power lasts.

  • Duration: A number of turns equal to the user’s Presence rating. The power ends if the user deals Health damage to the target.

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Author: Phaerlax

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10 months ago
Score 0

Spending willpower equal to the vampire's dots in presence to harm the user is meaningless i feel and the cost is also very harsh for a level 2 power. The alternate willpower test is also a bit out of place i feel, usually you don't really roll willpower that much anymore except for frenzy. If you look at Majesty which is a level 5 presence power it can be resisted for one turn with a Composure + Resolve roll vs. the vampire’s Charisma + Presence. I feel this could/should be used here as well.

I would also emphasize that the main draw of this power is that its useful when being attacked from ambush. Also i feel that auspex 2 is a better amalgam discipline for it since it has premonition at level 2 while something similar only exists at level 5 for celerity(split second). In fact as i think about it Split second allow you to turn on your presence before any attack against them so it basically emulates this amalgam power. Majesty also does what this power does except for the activation of this discipline not requiring conscious activation. I like the idea of a lower presence power that will give you a little bit of an edge in battle since the only other presence powers that work in combat are dread gaze(level 3) and majesty(level 5).

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