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This discipline is related to the Kiasyd

Nicknames: Trickery, mystic manipulation, weird weaving

Mytherceria is a Discipline that manifests in faerie-blooded vampires such as the Kiasyd and Maeghar. At its core, it is mystical deceit that can affect people, objects and even the universe itself. Rumours say that the most powerful users of this power can trick the entire world -including the user themself- into thinking the kindred is human so that they may live as one for some time, unaware of what they as they enjoy sunlight for a short time before the lie is unravelled by reality. Whether these rumours are true, only the Kiasyd know, and they prefer to keep their secrets.

A collection of powers attributed to the faeries and inclined toward trickery and cheating others, Mytherceria confuses its victims as it defies the known. The Kiasyd are loath to teach its ways to others outside their bloodline – they know that if it were turned against them, they could be victim to their own tricks, or may be forced to reveal secrets the world is better off not knowing.


Mytherceria powers originate from the fae, and as such it requires a stable will in the same way a fae uses their own and glamour to fuel their magic. When attempting to use a Mytherceria power which requires a Rouse Check, if your Willpower tracker is full of Aggravated damage, any attempt to use the power fails immediately. If the Willpower tracker is full of damage, but not all of it is Aggravated, a failed Rouse Check causes the vampire to convert one level of Superficial Willpower damage to Aggravated. Whilst people and objects are under the influence of powers with a duration longer than instantaneous, they have an aura that can be seen by Sense the Unseen (Auspex 1), although it does not necessarily tell them what the power is doing. People who resist any of the powers of this discipline do so unconsciously and thus are not going to be alerted if the power succeeds or fails, although they may see the result (such as when their weapon falls through their tight grasp).

  • Type: Mental
  • Masquerade Threat: Low to high. Whilst some of the powers are extremely subtle and don’t have any visual giveaway, others defy the logic of the mundane world very obviously and would be obviously supernatural to a mortal.
  • Blood Resonance: Sanguine. Creatives (especially writers and actors, but also including artists, musicians, etc) who have passion and excitement in their work.

Notes: Having at least 1 dot in Mytherceria also allows a vampire to be unaffected by the memory erasing capabilities of the Mists in the faerie realm The Dreaming, should they find themselves visiting.

Additionally, a dot of Mytherceria can be gained by Blood Leech and Sandman predator types for Kiasyd only.

Level 1


The vampire is able to use their faerie magic to increase their ability to sense when someone states a lie or withholds the truth from the vampire.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: None
  • System: Add the Mythercia rating to any skill roll involving Insight or Awareness as well as to other Wits related rolls to discern when being deceived.

Whenever someone knowingly lies to or withholds the full truth from the user, the storyteller can either make a hidden roll against a Difficulty they choose to detect the lie, or can call for the user to make a blind roll as a contest against the deceiver’s relevant pool in order to discern the deceit. If the user loses, they are deceived at that moment, but a repeat of the lie can have the contest made again with an extra one-dice in the user’s pool for each time the lie has been previously stated by that person during the scene.

  • Duration: One scene or until intentionally ended.

Ink Trace

By brushing their hand against writing, a drawing or something printed out in ink; the shapes the ink took are remembered in the Blood of the user. An ink stain shows on the user’s palm, and can be manipulated to perfectly replicate the remembered trace onto another surface. This can be often used for forgery of signatures or other valuable documents.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: None
  • System: Upon inspection, the replicating ink seems perfectly normal, however tests for the composition of the ink will reveal that it is made out of blood, although it cannot identify who’s, due to the blood’s altered state.

After the power’s duration ends, the ink on the palm will excrete and drip off the hand, and the trace will be lost.

  • Duration: One night or until the remembered trace is laid out on a surface, whichever comes first. The replicated pattern imprinted on a surface is as permanent as any ink.

Level 2

Intangible Vessel

The vampire can cause a nearby object to temporarily lose its tangibility for mortals and supernaturals, making it untouchable for anyone other than the vampire and those they desire to touch it.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Wits + Awareness, Resolve + Mytherceria vs Wits + Resolve
  • System: The user targets an inanimate object within line of sight and within 10 metres of them. Only the user and those they allow can touch this object. Other beings - mortal, animal or supernatural - cannot interact with it, as they seem to go straight through it. The object will rest on a surface whilst not held by the user, but will fall through anything else (such as a hook).

Objects protected by magic are unaffected by this power. The object doesn’t appear any different at a glance, but a person can make a Wits + Awareness check with difficulty equal to the user’s Mytherceria rating to notice that it is translucent. Objects that are being held or worn by another at the time of using this power require a contest of the user’s Resolve + Mytherceria vs the current bearer’s Wits + Resolve. On a win for the current bearer, the power fails.

  • Duration: One scene or until intentionally ended.


The user appears to blur into a multitude of indistinct copies of themselves, obscuring their location

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: None
  • System: When attempting to dodge or avoid an enemy attack, be it a physical blow or target spell, add your Mytherceria rating to the dice pool. If your roll is successful, the power ends. If your enemy is using Sense the Unseen and has an Auspex rating equal to or greater than your Mytherceria rating, you may not add this dice bonus.
  • Duration: One scene, until a successful dodge is made or until intentionally ended.

Level 3

Mind Steal

The vampire lessens someone’s knowledge of a skill they possess and adds it to their own, temporarily granting them superiority in the skill that may normally be impossible, ensuring the odds of victory.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Mytherceria vs Composure + Resolve
  • System: The user makes a Resolve + Mytherceria roll opposed by their victim's Composure + Resolve. If the user wins, the target loses a number of dots in a Skill chosen by the user equal to the margin of success for the power’s duration, up to a maximum of the number of dots they have in that skill. The user gains a number of bonus dice for pools involving that Skill, equal to the number of dots lost by the target. On a win, these bonus dice must be used on the next relevant dice roll, ending the power, but on a critical win, these bonus dice last for an unlimited number of dice pools until the power ends naturally. A character may only benefit from one stolen Skill at a time, and using this power again ends the previous effect.
  • Duration: One night or until the bonus dice are rolled.

Level 4

Aura of Sloth

This power forms an aura that mentally fatigues those within it, able to put mortals to sleep with ease, and even affecting the time supernaturals need before they must rest.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Mytherceria vs Stamina + Resolve
  • System: The aura can expand to up to 10 metres from the user in all directions, not being obstructed by physical obstacles such as walls.

No roll is required against unprepared mortals caught within the radius, who immediately feel drowsy and adopt the most comfortable position they can, falling asleep within a few seconds. Victims will wake naturally within a few minutes of leaving the aura or upon any disturbance which would normally wake them.

Causing drowsiness in vampires and other supernatural creatures requires a Manipulation + Mytherceria vs Stamina + Resolve roll when they first enter the aura. On a win, the supernatural does not immediately sleep, but suffers a two-dice penalty to all Mental dice pools while they remain within the aura. On a fail, the supernatural is unaffected by the user’s Aura of Sloth for the rest of the night.

At the Storyteller's discretion, a particularly alert mortal, such as a ghoul with Fortitude or one using stimulants, benefits from the same roll as for supernatural creatures. Even if the user fails this roll and remains awake, the mortal suffers the same penalty as a successfully affected supernatural.

  • Duration: One Scene or until intentionally ended.

Quick Swap

The user can swap the position of two inanimate objects in an instant. This could swap a scrap of paper in their hand with a shotgun, or swap the blade someone holds with a piece of hot coal that was in a fire.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Dexterity + Athletics, Resolve + Mytherceria vs Wits + Resolve
  • System: The inanimate objects must both be within 20 metres of the user, have been seen by the user before, and be something that the user can carry in one hand without great effort.

Objects that are being held or worn by another at the time of using this power require a contest of the user’s Resolve + Mytherceria vs the current bearer’s Wits + Resolve. On a win for the current bearer, the power fails.

In the case the container is a hand and that the swapped object may harm the person who’s now grasping it, they may attempt to make a Dexterity + Athletics with Difficulty equal to the user’s Mytherceria rating + 1. On a success, they are able to quickly drop it at their feet, not being harmed by holding it. On a failure, the harm is up to the Storyteller’s discretion. For instance, a flaming log or bladed edge appearing in the target’s hands would deal a point of Aggravated Health damage, with the former also causing a Kindred to make a Fear Frenzy check.

If one larger object were to be swapped into a smaller space than the size of the object, depending on the sturdiness of the container it will either damage it’s new container or simply cause the power to fail as room cannot be made for the object to fit. The container could be a safe, a pocket, a fireplace or even someone’s hand.

  • Duration: Indefinitely

Level 5

Hold The Power

Not only can the vampire steal experience of mundane tasks earned over years of practice, but can even copy powers of the Blood.

  • Cost: Two Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: Composure + Resolve vs Resolve + Mysterceria
  • System: When used against a kindred or ghoul, the user makes a Resolve + Mytherceria roll opposed by their victim's Composure + Resolve. This power can reduce the target’s rating in a discipline by 1 on a win for the user, or 2 on a critical win, and they cannot use powers of a higher level than their rating for the duration. If the target gets a critical win on the contest, the power cannot be used against them again until the following night.

A character may only weaken one discipline at a time, and using this power again ends the effect on the previous target.

  • Duration: One scene on a win, one night on a critical win.

Grand Trick

  • Amalgam: Oblivion 3

After draining all the life from a mortal, the vampire gets the grand power to mimic aspects of mortality until the next night whilst maintaining their ability to use their Mytherceria discipline powers at the cost of draining their willpower.

  • Cost: Two Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: None
  • System: Using your skill and knowledge in Oblivion, you know how to twist life. When you fully drain a mortal and kill them with your kiss, you can forego slaking your hunger as the Blood is immediately absorbed to fuel this power. The user’s form grows closer to mortality, being very similar to a Thin-Blood; possessing all of their normal traits, including a Blood Potency of 0 as well as the Baby Teeth, Bestial Temper, and Mortal Frailty Flaws; and the Day Drinker and Lifelike Merits.

They become unable to use or benefit from any Discipline power except those from the Mythercerica Discipline, and even using these powers requires them to take 2 superficial willpower damage for each Rouse Check.

Whilst the user does have Bestial Temper, they do not suffer fear frenzies and have a two-dice bonus to all frenzy rolls. The user keeps all parts of their Clan Bane with a Bane Severity of 1, except those which change one’s own appearance.

  • Duration: Until the following night.


Author: Bromora (Contact with feedback at

Other Credits: None


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