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Blood Sorcery ••••

Those subjected to this strange and frightening power are spontaneously wounded, jagged cuts appearing on their skin as if they were cut by rough stone knives.
All practitioners of Nahuallotl (the style of Blood Sorcery practiced by Mesoamerican vampires) must physically shed the blood they expend to use Blood Sorcery powers, this bloodletting can range from a slice across the palm to flagellating themselves with ritual whips. A method practiced by traditional users of this style of sorcery was to cut the tongue or earlobe as blood from those areas is considered more potent, some carry large cactus spines to use in their bloodlettings.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse check
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Blood Sorcery vs Stamina + Occult or Fortitude
  • System: The user can target anyone within line of sight, they shed the blood and roll a contest of Resolve + Blood Sorcery against the target's Stamina + Occult.

(Vampires with Fortitude may resist with Stamina + Fortitude.) On a win, the attack deals Superficial damage equal to the margin +2, this damage is not halved by vampires.

  • Duration: N/A

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This power is part of the adaptation of a path of blood magic from earlier editions of VtM'; the blood magic path called "Lash of Xipe Totec"


Author: Enby of Skulls

Other Credits: V5 conversion of content from the book "Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion" by Dean Shomshak and Ari Marmell


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