Quell the Herd

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Animalism •••••

  • Prerequisite: Quell the Beast

A master of Animalism can enforce their will over larger groups, shutting down the passions of herds of animals, crowds of people, or even vampiric gatherings with a single gesture.

  • Cost: Two Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: Charisma + Animalism vs Stamina + Resolve
  • System: Make two Rouse Checks and roll Charisma + Animalism. Everyone who can directly see, hear, or otherwise perceive the vampire is affected as if by Quell the Beast; mortals and animals are affected automatically, while creatures with a supernatural Beast can roll Stamina + Resolve to resist.

Against mortals or animals, the Animalism-user can optionally choose one particular type of passion that is not affected by this power. They might dampen all passions of a rioting mob except their fear, for example, causing them to flee and scatter. This power cannot instill new passions or emotions (that's the domain of Presence), only fail to dampen emotions that already exist: so it would do nothing if the rioters had no strong fear to begin with.

  • Duration: One scene against mortals and animals; a number of turns equal to the margin plus one against creatures with a supernatural Beast.

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Author: Dercomai/Draconis

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