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You walk close to death, and seldom feed without killing. You justify this to yourself by preying on the mortally ill or those condemned to execution, telling yourself your victims would have died anyways. Perhaps you were a surgeon, nurse or guard in life. You might even use the powers of the blood to heal those you can, to further ameliorate your conscience. You stalk the halls of your chosen institution silently, ever wary of the risks posed by cameras and security.

  • Add a specialty: Medicine(Triage) or Stealth(Infiltration)
  • Gain one dot of: Oblivion or Obfuscate
  • Gain the Herd Advantage (••), representing the victims at the institution you target.
  • Start at 0 Hunger
  • Gain the Feeding Flaw: (•) Prey Exclusion (Healthy)
  • Gain the Enemy Flaw: (•) or the Dark Secret Flaw: (•) Masquerade Breacher, due to that one time you weren’t as careful as you should have been

around a camera or witness.

Predator Pool: {{{predpool}}}


Author: Dσul

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The Insane Maestro

10 months ago
Score 0
What would be the Predator Pool for this? Or is it like Blood Leech where there isn't one?

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