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Presence ••

The allure and reassurance of the Kindred with this power is enough to make others forego caution and share their innermost feelings and secrets. A few complimentary or compassionate words or a heartfelt look from the vampire can break down a person’s prudence and fear, inspiring a desire to share deep feelings or dark secrets in an up welling of affection or release.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Manipulation + Presence vs Wits + Composure
  • System: The target of the power will start to spill a litany of confessions, answering the Vampires inquiries as they would to a trusted confidant. A successful

Manipulation + Persuasion roll may be required for the vampire to steer the confession to a matter of interest, if the victim, has a lot of confessions weighting on their soul. If the roll fails, the vampire must endure everything that the subject has to say. Should the confession turns to a particularly deep, dark or dangerous secrets, the subject may spend a Willpower point in order to suppress the confession or attempt a composure roll to break the spell. Only one such attempt may be made per scene. In the event of a Critical Success the subject remains immune to subsequent attempts for a number of Willpower Days. After the fact, the subject remembers the confession and is likely unsure why they felt compelled to overshare with the vampire.

  • Duration: Scene

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This is a conversion of the Revelation power from Vampire the Requiem.


Author: BaluBaer (email submission)

Other Credits:


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