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(Old Clan Characters Only)

The Bratovitch family are a group of revenants bred and experimented on by the Tzimisce throughout the Dark Ages, to provide their family line innate qualities of vampiric vitae, but a craving for the real thing. The feral family was bred to fill the positions of guardians, hunting parties, and animal trainers for specialized ghoul hounds.

Their fickle loyalties have had the line, throughout history, battling the original Anarchs for their masters, joining the rebels once things began to favour them, following the nascent Sabbat until it was convenient to quietly separate, and most recently speaking up with fervor in support of the Gehenna Crusade. Bratovitch revenants prowl alongside Sabbat packs as they battle the ancients, and the feral mortals will not be denied their fill. Something has awakened in the family, something feral, hungry, and dangerous. Something that will not be sleeping anytime soon.

Sprawling family estates lay dilapidated and dirty, housing junk, trinkets, and treasures alongside an ancestor's scrawled boast and fleshcrafted horrors. Beware looters, however, as it's damn-near impossible to distinguish between the abandoned estates and the inhabited ones, at least until you see the dozen red pinpricks of eyes in the dark, and hear the howls of hounds released.

Unless stated otherwise, purchasing any level of this loresheet for the first time provides the player with Retainer (•), representing the revenant. A Bratovitch revenant is a ghoul built as a Weak Mortal that always has access to Animalism 1 and Protean 1.

Nourishing Blood
See Chicago by Night p.283.
•• The Kennel
The Bratovitch family is known for their aptitude in breeding exceptionally stocky animals and skilled hounds, with many of their crumbling ancestral estates containing a vast stable where these experiments are kept. Your revenant has a kennel of their own. Distribute three dots between Herd and Retainer to represent the animals meant for feeding, hunting, or both.
••• Hunting Team
You have a tight-knit family unit of Bratovitch revenants by your side. You receive Allies (••) to represent them (Effectiveness 2) instead of the usual Retainer (•). Once per story they will accompany you for a session, lending their assistance to Animal Ken, Awareness, Stealth, and Survival dice pools through Teamwork (See Vampire: the Masquerade p.122). They add a die per present and able revenant.
•••• Awaken the Zulo Shape
Just like the Bratovitch have been bred to be as savage as the animals they keep, you bear the seeds of an ancestral war form in your Blood. Once per story, you may allow these seeds to sprout and assume the horrid form of Tzimisce legend. No two war forms look the same, but they are all towering, utterly monstrous manifestations of the Vicissitude marking your bloodline. The transformation takes one turn. While in the Zulo Shape you add a die to all Physical dice pools, deal Aggravated Health damage to mortals while Brawling, reduce Superficial damage received by one before halving, and reduce any defense penalties for lack of cover by one-die. This lore does not provide a Bratovitch retainer.
••••• The Hungry Vozhd
You possess a hulking mass of weeping, angry flesh comprising dozens of ghouls and shaped into a state most useful for your purposes. Whether a gift from an ancient Fiend, a relic of Sabbat occupation, or your own handiwork, build the Vozhd as a Deadly Mortal (see Vampire: the Masquerade p.185) who possesses ghoul characteristics, suffers damage like a vampire, and has natural weapons that count as a +3 heavy piercing Brawl weapon. This creature is a horrific breach of the Masquerade, incapable of affection, speech, or complex thought. It eats blood and flesh, and indiscriminately tries to kill everyone except you and individuals whose blood you have personally fed it. This lore does not provide a Bratovitch retainer, or more likely, they are one with the Vozhd.


Author: Sharkey

Other Credits: Onyx Path's Chicago by Night for the characteristics of revenants, and Lumi for the Vozhd stat block.


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