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Before centuries of heresies divided the Clan of Serpents into the worship of diverse and degenerate gods they honored Set alone. Vessels of the Dark God were selected among those who sought to serve Him alone. Through ritual and covenant, you have been taught that while in exile Set was the first to drink from the dark river of Du'at and He was the second after Osiris to learn of the great secret of Ra's power.

The waters of Du'at washed away Set's spirit essence (akh), leaving His body (khet) and personality (ba) intact thus transforming Him into one of the unliving. Seeing the afterlife through His akh, Set saw that Osiris and Ra had gained dominion over the souls of the dead by tricking mortals into obeying unnatural laws and subjugating their natural impulses with guilt and shame. By renaming the first and true order of nature “debauchery” and “sin”, their deception was insidious in its completeness.

After Set fought back against the tyranny of Ra and Osiris, they created twelve Aeons of a similar nature to Set to combat his efforts. These Aeons are called “Antediluvians” or “the third generation” by their descendants. These descendants are many and varied, but all pawns in the service of the Aeons in the great battle between Set and Ra. They may call each other Kindred and that may be true for them, but remember you know the truth and its ramification.

Tempted of the Serpent
You are in contact with a nearby priest of Set who has offered you a boon in exchange for certain… services under the condition of secrecy. For now they are a two dot Contact, but may become a Mawla or Adversary at three dots should you impress them a certain way.
•• Setite Convert
(Non-Ministry Characters Only): Regardless of however or whomever embraced you, you have become initiated into the Followers of Set by the benevolence of an Orthodox Setite mentor. For the purposes of clan alignment you are part of the Ministry although your in-clan disciplines and clan bane do not change. You gain Mawla [•••] Setite Priest. You also gain the Flaw [••] Infamy or Dark Secret [••] Clan Traitor.
••• Ceremony of Opening the Door
(Ministry Characters Only): A Heirophant ritually presented you before an image Set as part of your embrace or initiation. You willingly drank from a tributary of the dark river and became a house for and an emanation of Set. Your akh now resides in Du'at. Your dice pools gain +2 to resist Dominate and Presence attempts from vampires not of the Ministry.
•••• Washing the Face of God
(Ministry Characters Only): You gain Haven (•) Specialization: Shrine which houses a copy of The Book of Going Forth by Night and a statue of the Dark God Set. Before each dawn you may perform this ritual by anointing the statue of Set with your blood (increasing your hunger by 1) to automatically succeed a remorse test. You cannot perform this ritual outside this shrine or without the book or statue.
••••• The Last Revelations of Set
(Ministry Characters Only): Before Set vanished, he reached out to many of his clan in dreams. The Heirophants guard this knowledge as it both connects them to the mind of the Dark God and secures their privileged status among the clan. You have been blessed with this knowledge either directly or indirectly and have taken the title Heirophant for yourself. Even heretical schismatics respect your wisdom. You have Status (•••••) Heirophant among the Ministry and have access to a dark secret of Set.


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