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Oblivion Ceremony ••

Through an act of symbolic death, a necromancer can create a ghostly flame that burns bright in the Shadowlands, broadcasting its location to anyone who can see.

  • Cost: A wax candle and blood drawn from a creature after its death
  • Dice Pool: The ritualist marks the candle with a short phrase in Ancient Greek, then lets it burn until it gutters out, and shapes the soft wax into a small sphere.
  • System: Once the beacon is prepared, it burns with a bright spectral fire visible only in the Shadowlands. Any wraith, and any entity capable of looking past the Sudario, can see it at a range of a quarter mile. Anyone carrying this beacon is certain to attract ghostly attention; what form this attention takes is up to the individual ghosts.
  • Duration: One lunar cycle, or until the beacon is destroyed

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Author: Draconis

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