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Human SPCs

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Pre-created characters to fill out needed hierarchy, function as antagonists or allies, or for other needs have been a staple of Vampire the Masquerade books, and V5 is no exception. For a lot of Storytellers, coming up with a lot of SPCs is a time-consuming and difficult effort, and here on the V5 Homebrew Wiki, we hope to help alleviate that issue. This section is a repository all the fan-contributed Vampire Human Storyteller Played Characters (SPCs) submitted to the V5 Homebrew Wiki.
==How to use this section==
===Adding Content===
Adding content is a pretty straightforward affair, but the administrators of the V5 Homebrew Wiki ask that you do the following:
* Before you create a page, please check to see if that page exists. You can check this via the search bar or by manually looking in the tabs for the page. Ex: If you're going to contribute a SPC named 'Marcus CarmichaelJane Wilmouth' check to see if a SPC with that name exists.
** If it does, please make your title slightly unique in some way. For consistency's sake, we would ask that you use a different actual name for the SPC you're submitting. IF you have to use the same name for some reason, please use v2 on the end of the name on the page creation.

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