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This power gives extra bite to the user’s words and actions, allowing them to more easily come out on top of any exchange. It is a common tool in any Harpy’s kit, and one of the subtlest applications of vampiric disciplines — indeed, many Kindred do not even realize they possess this power, atributting their success in the social battlefield simply to their raw wit and talents.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: None (enhances social conflict dice pools)
  • System: With this power active, the user adds their Presence rating to any Willpower damage they inflict in social conflicts. The bonus does not apply if the opposing party is not in fact present (unless the user has Star Magnetism and the interaction is happening live over electronic devices). Any roll for detecting the use of this power with Auspex suffers a 2 dice penalty.
  • Duration: One scene

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Author: Phaerlax

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