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The mirror image of Cloud Memory, this power adds a single fact into the victim's memory of the scene.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: Charisma + Dominate vs Intelligence + Resolve
  • System: No roll is required against an unprepared mortal victim. Against another vampire or a resisting mortal, the user must win a contest of Charisma + Dominate vs Intelligence + Resolve. Mortals who have been affected by this power within the same scene are generally considered "resisting", consciously or not.

The vampire can make a single statement about the events of the current scene, which the victim will believe to be absolutely true, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. To count as a single statement, it generally can't use commas or conjunctions; the ST is the final arbiter of how much can be covered by a single application of this power.

Unlike the amnesia of Cloud Memory or The Forgetful Mind, however, these implanted ideas are short-lived. Once the scene ends, the victim is free to question the belief; if it contradicts their own memories ("you killed that man!"), they're likely to doubt their sanity or even suspect some sort of mental manipulation, while less glaring discrepancies will generally be chalked up to simple mistakes or the vampire lying (though unless the vampire has Rationalize, the victim might start wondering why they believed such a blatant falsehood).

The statement must be about the facts of the current scene, not the subject's thoughts or emotions: "I'm a cop" is possible (and might lead to the victim trusting the vampire), but "you trust me" is not.

  • Duration: One scene

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Author: User:Dercomai

Other Credits: Based on dev feedback from Syz


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