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Bees are a crucial part of the worlds ecosystem, providing much of the pollination that keeps human agriculture going. They also produce that sweet nectar called honey, widely consumed by humans and animals across the world, with healing properties that have been utilized for ages. Whether it started as a mortal occupation, hobby or simply a fascination that grew on you as a kindred, you've grown what others might consider a bit of an obsession with Apiculture, and a deep connection to bees. Note that there exists bee sorts that are nocturnal, as well as ones that are active in the twilight hours. Nurture your charges, and they will provide for your in return. Loresheet.jpg
One of Us
You are a dedicated caretaker of your hive, and your connection to them runs deep. So deep in fact that you've begun to identify as much with bees as you do with Mortals. One of your Touchstones is a beehive, nurtured and fed by you. As a Touchstone, it is damaged only when either someone besides yourself interferes with them, they are harmed or if they abandon you. Your conviction must be aligned to this mentality.
•• Honey for Money
You’ve established a flourishing Apiary business that produces enough income to sustain a modest lifestyle, complete with storefront, Beehives and an enthusiastic employee to run it for you, letting you spend your nights as you wish. You get 2 dots in Resources to reflect this income and a 2 dot retainer who will run your business for you, but is unwilling to do unrelated tasks.
••• Hidden Colonies
The Hive you’ve cared for has grown enough to send off swarms to establish satellite hives around the city, but they frequently send back scouts to share what they’ve seen with you.

It takes some work to sort through the information as the scouts see much, but with direct questions you can always find valuable secrets on the secret ongoings of the Domain. You can gain three secret pieces of information once per story by spending a few hours with your apiary. This interaction is based on mystical connection and outsiders looking in just see a strange one sided conversation.

•••• Blood Honey
You've established a flourishing hive of Vulture Bees, a breed of bees that feed not on the pollen of flowers, but on any available corpses. After feeding them your vitae over time, they've become more productive, and the honey produced has gained a distinctly deeper red tint. It is not only a delicious treat for Kindred, but satiates the Beast like human blood would. You get 5 dots in Herd: Blood Honey, which can be harvested at will but carries no resonance, and it lasts a week after being collected before it inevitably spoils as a new batch is ready. When you’ve slaked 2 points of hunger or more on this honey, you feel invigorated and alive, letting you activate Blush of Life for free until your next feeding. The bees will do fine feeding on the animals that naturally die in the area, but could over time clean a human corpse leaving only the bones, should you need such a service.
••••• Thousand Eyes
Your connection to your charges has grown strong, settling deep in your instincts. You often feel uncanny insight well up from the back of your mind, aiding you in endeavours relating to knowing the city and its people, at least in the areas where your charges move through. You gain an additional 2 dice for all Streetwise rolls, and once per story you can gain access to 4 dots of Influence or a single 4 dot Ally for a session by leveraging secrets that various bees have come across and revealed to gain the service of a powerful mortal.


Author: Alzuule

Other Credits: Chipotlechris


Enby of Skulls

3 months ago
Score 0

This is really cool, weird, and unique loresheet, I had never really thought of vampires practicing apiculture and developing a connection with bees before but it really works here and I think it's interesting. The vulture bees are a neat inclusion as I'd never heard of them before now but it's a neat idea that ghouled vulture bees could produce honey edible to kindred. I so want to make a character that uses this loresheet, or have an SPC in a chronicle that does some of these abilities. There are a lot of neat visuals and possibilities that a Sunless Apiculturist bring to the table

I do have a bit of a critique that the four-dot ability is a bit too strong and doesn't seem to have any downsides besides the unspoken possibility of some problems with your apiary or colony of bees (a rival interfering with it somehow, cold weather forcing them into hibernation, etc.) and the five-dot ability feels a bit lacking compared to a 5 dot herd, a power-up for eating enough honey, and the possibility of body disposal. I'd suggest swapping the levels of those two abilities

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