Taste of the Prey

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Animalism •••

Your beast marks every victim you have tasted as their own and can track them down relentlessly if they have the temerity to try and escape their doom.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Animalism vs Composure + Stealth
  • System: The vampire can track down anyone they have tasted the blood of. For each full year since the blood was sampled add a 1 dice penalty to the roll. A win allows the vampire to know in which direction the target is, a critical win also reveals an approximate of how far away they are. Note that this power only indicates the direction and can not help you navigate any obstacles on the way there. When within 20 meters of the victim you can no longer sense the direction only that you are in the immediate vicinity of the victim. The range of this power is roughly the size of a large city and the surrounding countryside at the storyteller’s discretion longer range can be allowed with dice penalties.. The duration is one hour but you can extend this by one hour if you do a rouse check(tracking is thirsty work), no new roll is necessary when you are extending the duration like this. Failing the roll you can’t try again until the next night.
  • Duration: One hour, plus one hour per rouse check

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Author: Hoist

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26 days ago
Score 0
This power is basically Presence 4 Summon but reversed with the added complication of needing to have tasted the blood of the target and also you don't know where you will end up, you can't pick where you face your prey, it might even be a trap. It also costs a bit more than Summon if it takes a long time to get to your target. Summon also has no mention of any range limit. While summon can be used on anyone that you have used presence on or if they have tasted your blood this power requires you to have partaken of their blood, which of course is no biggie if its a human but has some complications if it is a vampire. So i put this power at level 3 because of these factors. It could perhaps be level 2 as well considering all the limitations compared to Summon.


26 days ago
Score 0
I should have called this Mark the Prey but i fucked up when entering the name so now its Taste of the Prey which is ok but i like Mark the Prey better.

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