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The Black Hand, or simply The Hand, comprise a special subdivision of the Sabbat, a sect within a sect. They are an elite group of vampires recognized as separate from all other members of the sect. They are, essentially, the Sabbat military.
Black Hand Candidate
Your enthusiasm of Black Hand is noted. A black hand operative will be watches your steps and give you advices, this operative count as 1 dot Mawla that you can consult about the subsect.
•• Black Hand Operative
You are part of the Black Hand and such gained benefit of being such. Add status 3: Black Hand Agent. Shunned: Sabbat Inquisition. And add Resources 1 as provision provided by the subsect.
••• Support the Black Hand
Once per story, you may remind a fellow Sabbat regardless of their status that you are an Agent of Black Hand and give them an order. While a Sabbat may refuse this order, doing so is an offense to the tradition. In a social combat, the Black Hand operative may use this to end the combat inconclusively. Order can't go against Sabbat traditions.
•••• Agent of Tal’mahe’Ra
You are skilled on sabotaging Sabbat's attempt on fighting the Antediluvian. Once per chronicle you may confidently divert a Sabbat's goal to something else. This take form as a letter from higher up or an inconvenience on calling up allies or pulling out resources and contact. Outrageous operations have high chance of failing.
••••• Evoke the Command
You are prominent member of Black Hand, not just ordinary operative. You may call help from the subsect once per chronicle. This take form in providing you and your coterie a temporary sanctuary, arming your coterie, or activate assets in the target domain as surprise allies (available for one scene). The allies are 3 gifted ghouls with rapid reflex with 3 dots reliability. You may only evoke the command when attempting to war against Antediluvian and their minions (Camarilla).


Author: rosedragon

Other Credits: combat_zerg, TerrTheLinuk


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