The Bloody Blade

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The Bloody Blade

Some say the age of the sword is over, I find those arguments to be extremely misguided. The age of the sword was never over, it has been around since the dawn of smithing. It just adapted and altered to the changes of the world. I once met a Kindred from the isle of Great Britain who carried herself like an old Knight. As amusing and fit for mockery that may seem, you dare-not mock or ridicule this one. I watched as she drew her sword, bathed in a crimson light. I watched as she cut down Kine after Kine and even managing to take down one of the Clan of Assassins, the Banu-Haqim in single combat. Believe me when I say, the way of the sword is alive, you just have to know where to look. Now, shall we practice your swordplay?

Nicknames: Path of the Sword, Sword Singing.

This Discipline comes from ages past and was very popular among the nobles of the High Clans as the Ventrue and the Salubri Warriors. It is still valid among some nostalgic ancient and especially among the Ventrue Antitribu. It is also used more so in the modern nights due to the return of the old ways in the Camarilla and the need for greater weapons against the Second Inquisition. With the Dusk Born able to tolerate flames and even walk in the sun, some Kindred have taken to putting Dusk Born blacksmiths under their control to forge them special blades for them to use this power on.


  • Type: Sorcery
  • Masquerade Threat: Mid-High.

Having a sword just appearing out of nowhere, with a bloody red sheen and even sometimes a glow. Is a sign of the supernatural and a clear breach of the Masquerade.

  • Blood Resonance: Choleric. Soldiers, blacksmiths, HEMA practitioners.

Level 1

• Mastery

The Kindred spend a long time performing a ritual in which, the Kindred in question must keep constant grasp of his blade. The ritual requires the Kindred to spill his vitae over the blade, while doing this, the blood will soak into the blade and meld the two into one. Joined by blood and soul.

  • Cost: Three Rouse Checks and One Superficial Willpower.
  • System: A Kindred can only be attached to one blade at a time. When using the weapon, the user gains +1 to the roll and if anyone attempts to use the weapon against it’s owner, that person must make a Resolve + Occult roll against the owner’s Resolve + Discipline roll. The owner’s roll is also boosted by half their Willpower. If the blade is destroyed, the owner will take a point of Aggravated Willpower damage. If Auspex 3 (Scry the Soul) is used, the sword will have the same aura as the owner.
  • Duration: Indefinite.

Level 2

•• Summoning the blade

You can make the sword teleport from wherever it is and appear in your hand.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check.
  • System: When you make the Rouse Check, no matter the distance between the blade and it’s owner, the blade will teleport to the owner’s hand. This power can be used reflexively.
  • Duration: Passive.

Level 3

••• Steel rain

The Kindred is one with its blade, each blow is mortal. At this level, the weapon will emit slight crimson flashes when it is drawn.

  • Cost: Two Rouse Check and One Superficial Willpower.
  • System: At this level, the owner and blade are one and as such, the blade enters the realm of the Supernatural proper. The weapon becomes capable of doing Superficial damage that isn't halved to supernatural creatures and gains a +1 damage bonus.
  • Duration: Indefinite.

Level 4

•••• One with the edge

The Kindred is able to transfer its powers to its blade. For example, you can transfer your Strength to make it more resistant, use Obfuscate so that nobody sees it, with Dominate control who touches it, etc ... At this level, the weapon always turns red crimson like blood.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check plus the cost of the Discipline(s) used.
  • Dice Pool: The Dice Pool of the Discipline(s) used if the Discipline(s) requires one.
  • System: This power is used reflexively and each use requires a Rouse Check. The owner must to have the Discipline at the appropriate level and to be applicable at the Storyteller's discretion.
  • Duration: One Scene.

Level 5

••••• Blood sister

The Kindred can drink blood through its blade. At this level, the sword will drip blood whenever it is drawn and when it has struck someone. This blood is insubstantial and evaporates before reaching the ground, it does not stain.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • System: Making a Rouse Check, the owner can decide to drink through it to a maximum of three points of damage done to the enemy. To drink, the weapon must touch the skin of the victim. If Amaranth (Diablerie) is committed using this weapon, it becomes thirsty for blood and the owner will need to make a Rouse Check a day, if it is not given, the owner will have difficulty +1 to the Frenzy.
  • Duration: One use per Rouse.

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An attempt to bring in a V20 homebrew Discipline into the V5 system and make it work. I will appreciate any suggestions to balance out this Discipline. Link to the V20 Version (credit goes to the original creator): [1]


Author: The Insane Maestro

V20 Publisher: White Wolf