The Heart of Darkness

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Protean •••••

  • Amalgam: Obfuscate 4

The kindred becomes able to remove their heart. This requires an hour's effort, after which the heart is most often hidden to the best of the kindred's abilities. The heart is the seat of your emotions, making you calmer and more stable while it is gone, however it is a constant physical vulnerability. If your heart is destroyed, you suffer incredible physical harm(And must repeat this process after regrowing the heart). If another bears your heart, however, the consequences may be far more dire, as it becomes a leash of your own making.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: See System
  • System: While your heart is divorced from your body, you cannot be staked, and you add dice equal to your Bane Severity to all rolls to resist Frenzy. If your heart is staked, you are paralyzed as though staked in person. If your heart is destroyed, you suffer Aggravated Health damage and Superficial Willpower damage equal to your Bane Severity each. If another person is holding your heart, you treat them as being blood bonded with a Bond Strength equal to your Bane Severity(This is in addition to an actual Blood Bond).
  • Duration: Permanent or until you regrow your heart

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Author: ♥Abel♥

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