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  • Amalgam: Presence 1

A vampire with this power can "throw" their voice, causing it to emanate from any point within line of sight. Some Daughters use this trick to show off, accompanying themselves in duets or holding two conversations at once, while more pragmatic ones use it to converse in ways that can't be overheard.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Obfuscate vs Wits + Auspex
  • System: The vampire can project their voice from any point they can see. The voice is their own, and can whisper, shout, sing, try to mimic someone else, or anything else the vampire is capable of, but is not bound by physical limitations such as lung capacity.

While a whisper directly into someone's ear is difficult for mundane senses to overhear, the Auspex power Heightened Senses can be used to eavesdrop, and Sense the Unseen can detect that the power is in use; if the Daughter specifically tries to hide their conversation, they roll Resolve + Obfuscate against the eavesdropper's Wits + Auspex.

While this "phantom" voice is independent of the vampire's normal voice, carrying on two conversations at once, or relaying information while sitting in a diplomatic meeting, can get distracting; a vampire splitting their attention in this way takes a –2 penalty to all rolls until they can concentrate properly again.

  • Duration: As long as desired.

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Author: Draconis/Dercomai

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