Trammelled Vitae

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Thin-Blood Alchemy ••

This power allows the alchemist to mix their vitae with that of another Kindred to make it no longer cause a blood bond, or to do the same to their blood if they have Catenating Blood. This still allows for ghouls and new Kindred to be created, but just prevents the bond itself.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check, with additional One Rouse Check’s worth of blood required to be mixed in with another Kindred’s vitae, if desired
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Alchemy vs Target Kindred’s Blood Potency + number of hours removed from the body
  • System: Ingredients: The alchemist’s blood, human blood devoid of Resonance, pure ethanol and stomach bile.

System: The alchemist manipulates their own vitae such that it no longer has the power to form a Blood Bond or increase existing Blood Bond strength if they have the Merit Catenating Blood.

If the alchemist wishes to prevent another Kindred’s vitae from maintaining blood bonds, the alchemist activates this power and then mixes some a Rouse Check’s worth of fresh vitae from themselves and from another Kindred’s and then rolls Intelligence + Alchemy versus a difficulty of the other Kindred’s Blood Potency

If successful, the property is passed on to the other Kindred’s vitae, who may now drink this mixture and temporarily gain the ability to share their vitae without creating Blood Bonds. This mixture slakes no Hunger. Whilst under the effects of the mixture, the Kindred’s vitae blood may be used for powers such as Draught of Elegance, to create ghouls, maintain the ghoul state and Embrace childer as normal, but will not create, maintain or reinforce a Blood Bond in the process.

If any mixture is not successful, the combined vitae becomes immediately putrid and spoiled.

  • Duration: One hour

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Author: Alratan, originally from Fragile Mortality

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