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Thin-Blood Alchemy ••••

This power allows the alchemist to grant physical power, agility and resilience to any who drink their vitae.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: No roll required
  • System: Ingredients: The alchemist’s blood, equal measures of human blood with Choleric and Sanguine Resonances and some form of spices or chillis.

System: The alchemist infuses their vitae with magic, causing anyone else who drinks a Rouse Check’s worth of vitae directly from the alchemist to gain an additional dot of each physical attribute (up to their normal maximum (typically 5), in a similar manner to how Draught of Elegance grants dots in Celerity.

Vitae transformed in this way into Kemia Aima does not lose the normal properties of vitae, being able to blood bind or ghoul if the alchemist is capable of it.

Kine who drink this vitae typically have slightly elevated temperatures. Two consecutive nights drinking the blood by kine can cause them to suffer a one-die penalty to all physical checks for the rest of the day and prolonged periods of drinking by kine can cause addiction.

  • Duration: The transformation of the alchemist’s vitae lasts for one scene. Drinkers gain the benefit of the increased physical attributes for one night if kine, or until they reach Hunger 5 or feed again if vampires.

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Author: Alratan, originally from Fragile Mortality

Other Credits: Inspired by small parts of the the Alchemy and Herbalism/Brewing powers in World of Darkness - Sorcerer (Revised) and The Hunters Hunted II' (V20)


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