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I'm Alratan on the World of Darkness 5th Edition Discord (and elsewhere).

Stand-alone Supplements

Alratan's V5 House Rules

My house rules document with some tweaks to Banes, Disciplines, so additional Background rules, expanded rules for hunting rolls and an alternate version of Chasse. Many of the new rules in this document can also be found throughout the wiki, although tweaks and suggested errata to existing rules are only in this document.

Fragile Mortality

An expanded sourcebook for playing as mortal (or mortal-like) characters, with additional descriptions and archetypes for human and ghoul player characters, as well as rules for revenants and dhampirs.

This document includes new merits, flaws, backgrounds and loresheets, as well as modified/repurposed old ones, for use by fragile characters ranging from blood cultists to inquisitors to arcanists to vassal ghouls. There are also rules for Callings, and expanded rules to handle Group Backgrounds (like Domain for mortals).

In addition, there are some variant rules to suit your game, including Sanity, a mortal-specific Humanity system and revamped rules for True Faith so that it's more suitable for player characters. There are also some rules inspired from Hunters Hunted II, like sites of True Faith, Plans and (True Faith-related) artifacts. Finally, there are also some Thin-Blooded vampire-specific titbits including some Alchemy powers and a loresheet.

Immortal: The Gathering 5th Edition

This update to the original fan rules for 5th Edition follow V5's mechanics and allows the playing of an Immortal in the vein of the Highlander franchise. This includes updated rules for playing Immortals in a V5-compatible ruleset, updates to the themes and feeling of the game to suit V5's more street-level focus, new Backgrounds, Merits, Flaws, Loresheets, rules for the Quickening, ethical system (Desolation, Urge and Anchors) and advice for both players and Storytellers.

In addition, all of this can be integrated with both vampire coteries and player characters, mortals and ghouls from the V5 Companion and my expanded mortal rules in Fragile Mortality, but is also designed to work perfectly as an entirely standalone game (although it requires the V5 Core Rulebook).

V5 Dark Ages

Even though V5 doesn't really require much to make it relevant for the Dark Ages due to the narrative quality of it, the question seems to come up quite often and this document simply covers the major changes to make things work smoothly. This includes more period-appropriate Banes for many Bloodlines and Clans which are playable in V5's modern nights, some simple tweaks to Skills and some Advantages to make them more immersive for the time period and optional, but still lightweight rules for arms and armour in the Dark Ages.

The Chantry

A standalone loresheet to get across the feeling of having access to a Chantry from earlier editions of lore, but with tweaks made to make it appropriate for houses other than just House Tremere. Merits include having access to the Chantry's library, being a favoured apprentice, being a rogue who still hasn't been cast out entirely, having a Gargoyle as an ally and having the Chantry be your haven - with all that entails.

V5 Homebrew Wiki Entries


Flaws for Mortals

Flaw: (•) Minor Impairment & Flaw: (••) Major Impairment - Possessing an impairment which causes penalties to dice pools, based off the structure of Looks Flaws.

Flaw: (•) Substance Addiction - The mortal form of Substance Use.

Flaw: (••) Vitae Addiction - The vitae-directed form of Substance Addiction.

Flaw: (•) Paradise Lost - The mortal has cast aside True Faith.

Flaws from Clan Banes

Flaw: (••) Blinded by Banality - The Kindred effectively suffers the Toreador Bane.

Flaw: (•) Blinded by Beauty - The Kindred effectively suffers the Toreador Bane, but only when they are in beautiful places.

Flaw: (•) Bestial Manifestation - The Kindred effectively suffers the Gangrel Bane.

Flaw: (••) Creature of the Night - The Kindred effectively suffers the Ministry Bane.

Flaw: (••) Disruptive Presence - The Lasombra's Bane applies to all Technology, not merely that which captures their image or voice.

Flaw: (••) Dominant Beast - The Kindred effectively suffers the Brujah Bane, but to all kinds of Frenzy checks.

Flaw: (•) Horrific Clarity - The Kindred effectively suffers the Malkavian Bane.

Flaw: (••) Horrific Kiss - The Kindred effectively possesses the Hecata Bane.

Flaw: (•) Malicious Shade - The character's shadow is possessed of sentience and mocks or inconvenience you.

Flaw: (•) No Kiss - The Kindred does not possess the euphoric Kiss when they bite.

Flaw: (•) Simmering Beast - The Kindred effectively suffers the Brujah Bane.

Flaw: (•) Survivor's Beast - The Kindred effectively suffers the Brujah Bane, but to Fear and Hunger Frenzies.

Other Merits & Flaws

Flaw: (••) Vitae Craving - The Kindred is addicted to vitae.

Clan Coterie Merits

•• Dogged Survivor - Clan Coterie Merit for Salubri, with the Salubri's gift for avoiding hunters being shared with the coterie.

•• Scapegoat - Clan Coterie Merit for Caitiff, allowing any coterie member to blame a faux pas on the Caitiff.

••• Corruptive Thinning - Clan Coterie Merit for Thin-Blooded Vampires, where the Duskborn's vitae allows for the sharing of Discipline powers.


Haven - Workshop - A Craft-orientated version of Library.

Haven - Flaw: (•) Shared - Living in shared accommodation with mortals.

Informant - A Flaw variant of Contacts.

Rank - Holding official rank and position within a mortal organisation.

Predator Types

Back-Alley Doctor - Finding prey among the desperate.

Bounty Hunter - Using legal hunts as cover for predation.

Rapacious Doctor - A predator who stalks hospitals for their patients.

Scavenger - Hunting animals in a city, including the dead and dying.

Slayer - Dexter Morgan, only vampiric.

Oblivion Ceremonies

Level Three: Putrid Sustenance - Allows a necromancer to consume a corpse without the benefit of Iron Gullet, and with a lower effective Blood Potency.

Thin-Blood Alchemy

Level Two: Trammelled Vitae - Allows a user to make the Blood not cause Blood Bonds.

Level Three: Eshmun's Rejuvenation - Creates a healing elixir.

Level Four: Khemia Aima - Boosts the Physical Attributes of any who drink the user's blood.

Level Five: Maledictum - Places a curse upon a target from a far.


Expanded Hunting Rules - Alternate rules for constructing a Chasse, fleshed out suggestions for how hunting rolls should work in actual play and some suggested variants to deal with Prey Exclusions/Ventrue and Disciplines in Hunting.

Vicissitude & Fleshcrafting - Explained & Expanded - Some advice for how Vicissitude and Fleshcrafting can be adjudicated in play, including Justin Achilli's rule comments and some suggested variant and expanded rules.