Twin Souls

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Animalism ••••

  • Prerequisite: Bond Famulus

The Twin Souls allows the Cainite to share minds with their Famulus. Both they and the animal experience the other’s consciousness entirely, which can be overwhelming for both parties at times. But makes the animal a more ideal spy and ally.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool: None
  • System: Once the Bond is fully established, the two share memories from that point forwards. While concentrating, requiring a Minor Action worth 2 dice, the vampire may perceive through the animals senses anywhere in the world, though they have no control of its actions while doing this. The Famulus gains +1 dice to all dicepools from sharing in part of its masters prowess and cognitive power, which increases the animals ability to carry out more complex commands, like being able to recognize a USB flashdrive if shown through the masters senses. Should the Famulus be killed by anyone except its master, the master takes a point of aggravated willpower damage and must immediately roll for Fury Frenzy at Difficulty 3 from the shock of having a part of themselves ripped away.
  • Duration: Indefinite/Scene

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Author: Alzuule

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