Unhudo of the Drowned Legacies

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Dry-bodies, Husks

Ambush predators from the Amazon with a gastly visage that calls to mind a heat-mummified corpse.

Who are the Unhudo of the Drowned Legacies?

  • Suspected or Confirmed Parent Clan: Unknown. As a member of the Drowned Legacies of South America, the origins of the Unhudo are shrouded in mystery. Those who believe the Legacies to be descendants of the Cainite clans speculate Cappadocian or Nosferatu ancestry due to their Bane's effect on their form.

Tracing their origins to the sunless depths of the rainforests of their ancestral Brazil, the Unhudo now spread across the Concrete jungles, scaling towerblocks with the same ease as they do trees. By lying prone and posing as a desicated husk, these vampires prey on the curiosity of mortals to draw them in before striking with horrific force and dragging them up into the canopies they call home, clinging insect-like as they go.

Unhudo of the Drowned Legacies Archetypes

Childe of the Urban Jungle.

As the rainforests of old retreat and the cities expand, many Unhudo find themselves just as at home in these new jungles of glass and steel, some even more so. In life the may have been a catburgler, a free runner or someone else who learned what the city looked like from atop the spires of the modern sprawl.

Tender of the Dark Orchard.

Folktales of the Unhudo paint a picture of a cruel and jealous farmer, who jealously guards his orchard and its fruit for himself. In modern nights, some Dry-bodies view the kine of their herd as the fruit of their orchard and will gleefully slaughter any who try to take them.

Ghost in the Forest.

Some Unhudo never left their ancestral homes in the Amazon basin, feeling a deep spiritual bond to this place either as a mortal or since their embrace. These Unhudo find their modern nights in frequent conflict with the encroaching forces of deforestation that seak to demolish their domains.


Celerity, Obfuscate and Potence mark the husks as silent but brutal killers with the Strength and Grace to carry their victims high into the treetops without a sound.


As your Hunger increases, the flesh begins to dry out and mummify, as though left to hang in intense, dry heat. Whenever your Hunger is greater than 5 minus Bane severity, You appear as a dried out husk, and temporarily gain the repulsive flaw.

Clan Compulsion: Acrophilia

The Unhudo becomes consumed by an overwhelming and almost instinctive urge to get to higher ground. All actions not taken in service of getting to the heighest point they can are made at a two dice penalty. This compulsion lasts until the vampire has surveyed the view from their new vantage point or the scene ends.


Author: https://www.v5homebrew.com/wiki/User:Darius_Blake


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