Vengeance of Samiel

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Presence •••••

The vampire channels their Beast through their third eye while connecting to the mind of their target, allowing them to strike with unerring accuracy. Non-Salubri develop a third eye upon learning Vengeance of Samiel, if they do not already have one.

  • Cost: 2 Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence vs. Composure + Resolve
  • System: The vampire opens their mystical third eye, which glows with an icy fury on the target. The vampire makes a Charisma + Presence test versus the target's Composure + Resolve. If successful, mystical forces guide the vampire's attack, preventing the target from dodging, blocking, or parrying the attack, though damage may be soaked as normal (e.g., with armor or Fortitude). The blow strikes as if the vampire had succeeded with their full dice pool (Strength + Brawl for unarmed attacks, Dexterity + Melee for one-handed melee weapons, or Strength + Melee for two-handed melee weapons). On a critical win, Vengeance of Samiel allows the vampire's attack to bypass the effects of Flesh of Marble for one turn.

When using Vengeance of Samiel, no bonus dice are granted for reach of the weapon or for the damage value of the weapon, but in no event will damage be less than weapon's damage value. For example, if a vampire with Strength 2 and Melee 1 attacked the target with a Claymore (huge melee weapon with damage value +4), the attack would do 4 damage. If a vampire with Strength 4 and Melee 5 made the same attack, the attack would do 9 damage.

If Vengeance of Samiel is unsuccessful, combat proceeds as normal, but due to the force of the vampire's attack, they suffer a two dice penalty to attack, while gaining a +2 damage value if the attack is successful.

This power may only be used once per target per scene. The vampire may take no other actions during the turn in which they use Vengeance of Samiel. In addition, the power does not work with ranged attacks.

  • Duration: One turn

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Author: Charlottepersephone

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