Vitae Reliquary

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Blood Sorcery Ritual

This obscure ritual has made more than one Tremere quite wealthy, by providing Ventrue and Keepers of Elysium with truly palatable drinks.

  • Cost: One full Hunger point worth of Vitae (in place of the normal Rouse Check)
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Blood Sorcery
  • System: Vitae Reliquary functions as follows:
    • Ingredients: an equal amount of wine or other liquid symbolic of blood, pure water, and a mixture of honey, salt, and powdered silver.
    • Process: The ritualist mixes the Vitae into the liquid and distills it over an open fire for a full hour. If they take their attention away from the ritual for more than one minute, it fails and the ingredients are wasted. At the end, they stir in the other ingredients and dilute the result with pure water.
    • System: If the ritual roll succeeds, it produces approximately a quart of "blood wine", a sort of preserved Vitae that retains its power as long as it's never exposed to fire or sunlight. Kindred can slake one Hunger from this wine if they can feed from animals, but any vampire can drink the mixture and keep it down, regardless of Blood Potency.
  • Duration: The wine lasts until consumed, or until it touches fire or sunlight.

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Author: Draconis/Dercomai

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