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This back-alley doctor runs a back-alley surgery, or possibly just provide help out in an open street. Any patients they help are incredibly grateful for the aid provided, and barely notice the little extra taken from them. Back-alley doctors tend to be a friend of many on the streets, but make none in high places.

As an optional variant and at the Storyteller's discretion, the player may choose to gain a dot in Humanity in exchange for also gaining Flaw: (••) Despised (Healthcare Industry or Police) when selecting this Predator Type.

  • Add a specialty: Medicine (First Aid) or Streetwise (Urban Survival)
  • Gain one dot of: Auspex or Dominate
  • Gain one dot in either the Haven or Influence (Poor & homeless) Backgrounds

Predator Pool: Composure + Medicine as you treat patients who are down on their luck, or Resolve + Streetwise to look for unfortunate souls who can be treated later.


Author: Alratan, originally from Alratan's V5 House Rules

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