Bounty Hunter

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The bounty hunter hunts down escaped prisoners and those fleeing bail, securing them a solid cover under which to hunt. They may be official licenced, or they may just carry out the same practices as a hunter and hope that no questions are asked.

  • Add a specialty: Brawl (Grappling) or Streetwise (Urban Survival)
  • Gain one dot of: Obfuscate or Potence. At the Storyteller's discretion, the character may hunt down psychopaths and gain Oblivion, instead
  • Spend two dots between Allies and Resources
  • Gain the Enemy Flaw () to represent someone who you once tracked down

Predator Pool: Wits + Streetwise to find someone who has eluded the law until now.


Author: Alratan, originally from Alratan's V5 House Rules

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