Cleansing of the flesh

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Blood Sorcery Ritual ••

Purge your body from any none-supernatural addictions and illnesses.

  • Cost: Rouse checks worth of blood to reach hunger 5.
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence+blood sorcery
  • System: Cleansing of The Flesh uses the following system:
    • Ingredients: A bathtub filled with purified water.
    • Proccess: The caster submerges themselves in the water and expulses their blood into the water, this will leave the caster/target at 5 hunger, but it ridds them of all non-supernatural diseases and addictions. This ritual can be done for another target, but they have to expulse their own blood while the caster is beside them chanting the ritual.

Disclaimer: Any flaws removed with this ritual may have to be paid for with experience per ST decision.

  • Duration: Most of the night.

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Author: Frohtastic

Other Credits: Sharei


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