Corruptive Thinning (Thin-Blooded Vampire Clan Coterie Merit)

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The Time of Thin Blood is upon all Kindred, prompting many elders and even neonates to scorn the and persecute the thin-blooded. This scorn and arrogance blinds many to the truth of the Duskborn's alchemical power and the paradoxical power which lies within their vitae, despite it being bereft of all potency. The true strength of a Thin-Blooded vampire's Blood is in its versatility, and never is this more felt than when mixed with that of their thicker-blooded cousins.


•••Once per story, any other member of the Thin-Blooded vampire's coterie may use a Discipline power known by another coterie member by drinking a mixture made of the vitae of the Thin-Blooded vampire and the other coterie member whose power they wish to use. The power uses the Discipline rating of the Kindred whose power they wish to use. This requires only a small amount of fresh vitae, less than that required by a Rouse Check. Thin-Blood Alchemy may not be borrowed with this merit.


Author: Alratan, originally from Alratan's V5 House Rules

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