Daunt (Revamped)

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Instead of attracting people, the vampire uses Presence to repel. With this power the user appears threatening and exudes an aura of hostility and menace.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dice Pool:
  • System: Add two dice to all Intimidation rolls or other Skill rolls relying on fear and negative force of personality (such as scaring off an animal). Additionally, anyone attempting to engage the user in combat must win a Resolve + Composure roll at a Difficulty equal to their Presence. This effect does not work if there are no other serious threats, or if the vampire engages an enemy directly—as force of numbers and self-preservation instincts can outweigh even the most terrifying of miens.
  • Duration: One scene, or until intentionally ended

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Author: Dercomai, Sharei, Fuzz, and elmerg

Other Credits: A modification of Daunt from the corebook.


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