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(Tzimisce Characters Only)

Vlad Țepeș is the single-most famous vampire in modern culture, and a Voivode of clan Tzimisce. A man of many storied days, he has lived hundreds more in the long moment since his heart became still. Legendary for surviving his outright breach of the Masquerade through Bram Stoker's novel, he claims many more feats, such as bullying his own methuselah sire into Embracing him, and slaying the demon that at one time corrupted his entire clan.

These nights, however, Castle Dracula is silent. Its Count is nowhere to be seen, and his Brides have been left to their own devices. His descendants whisper that Dracula has met his end, by all manner of means from the Second Inquisition, to the revenge of a foul demon returned from the Abyss, to being swallowed by his home soil or even being struck down by the Almighty for his grand defiance. None can be sure how, none can be sure he is even dead. Whether or not Count Dracula is dust, his descendants sprout up in domains across the world like foul seeds sown years before the harvest.

Enter Freely, Go Safely
Like the Count, your hospitality is renowned and respected. To raise fist or blade in defiance of it is unthinkable, and it's as if the rooms shift to betray any ill-intent. Anyone granted shelter in a Haven of yours benefits from the rating as a dice bonus to noticing danger while there (including awakening rolls, see Vampire: the Masquerade p.219), for as long as you allow them and despite their unfamiliarity. Those who wish to violate your hospitality must spend a Willpower point to do so.
•• The Renfield Diet
Ghouls of your Blood possess the strange and disgusting ability to cannibalise others of their kind. When one of your ghouls eats another living creature sustained by the vitae of a vampire, they consume it for themselves and extend their ghouldom as if you fed them. Several vampires of your line have been known to send ghouled animals to their long-distance thralls in order to sustain them without conspicuous vials of vitae. If the consumed ghoul is also yours, the vitae counts as from the vein for the purposes of the Blood Bond.
••• Leave Something of the Happiness You Bring
The very walls of your haven are hungry, seeming to taste the blood of mortal guests to sate you during daysleep. Once per session when you wake in your haven, you roll two Rouse Checks for awakening and use the highest. This also allows you to carry the effects of your most recent guest's blood resonance, including any Dyscrasia. If you house multiple guests at a time, you know the possible resonances and may choose between them.
•••• Based on a True Story
You recently violated the Masquerade with a successful film, novel, or other form of media based on your exploits, much as your ancestor before you did. This fame extends beyond the boundaries of living and dead. What's more, you got away with your unlife afterwards through some combination of boons, Disciplines, and a well-timed escape. You may have also inserted or furthered falsehoods about the species which now become a part of the vampire myth. You possess Fame (••••) with both mortals and Kindred, but have earned the eternal ire of the Camarilla, resulting in the Shunned Flaw. It is only a matter of time before mortal Inquisitors begin to look closely at you.
••••• Bride of Dracula
Dracula himself has taken many vampiric brides in the years since his Embrace, with many but not all of them being his direct childer. You are one such bride, the title being gender neutral to the Count, and while your Blood connection may be weaker, his vast assets and powerful name are still at your disposal. Castle Dracula is open to you, and each story you may distribute four dots between Allies, Haven, Mawla, Resources, and Retainers representing Dracula's assets or the assistance of another Bride. You may also, once per story, namedrop Dracula to another vampire for an automatic win on a relevant Social test.


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