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Thin-Blood Alchemy •••

The alchemist creates an elixir which, when mixed with the imbiber’s blood, can heal the imbiber of superficial and aggravated wounds and long-term conditions.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Alchemy
  • System: Ingredients: The alchemist’s blood, ginger and equal parts of each of Choleric, Melancholic, Phlegmatic and Sanguine Resonances.

System: The alchemist taps their vessel (Calcinato), own blood (Athanar Corporis) or creates a separate elixir (Fixatio). Whilst distilling it, they roll Intelligence + Alchemy to determine the effectiveness of the elixir. Each success allows the mixture to heal its drinker of one point of superficial damage, three successes can heal one point of aggravated damage and five successes can heal a mortal’s long-term malady, including certain mental-related conditions such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. This healing power is determined at the moment of distillation.

Five successes cannot affect the same breadth of physical change as Profane Hieros Gamos, but instead fixes a single malady which might not be curable simply by large physical reconfiguration.

Once an elixir is created, the desired imbiber must mix it with some drops of their own blood before drinking the combined mixture. Drinking someone else’s mixture or without first mixing one’s own blood grants no benefit to the drinker and will likely cause its drinker - kine or Kindred - to vomit it out shortly after.

Wounds cure themselves over a few turns, whilst healing significant maladies may take a few days to fully take effect.

Athanor Corporis: The alchemist can tap their own vein once per night for this elixir until their next feeding, or until they reach Hunger 5. They need not pay the distillation cost again.

Calcinatio: If the vessel survives the tap, the alchemist can tap them again in a week for more elixir. They need not pay the distillation cost again, but the vessel pays the Health cost (5 Aggravated damage) each time they are tapped. The Alchemist can also simply feed the vessel’s blood to the sleeper directly.

  • Duration: Varies by distillation method

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Author: Alratan, originally from Fragile Mortality

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