Lure of Flames

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Blood Sorcery Ritual •••

With this ritual, the sorcerer conjures an eerie flame in her palm that sheds light but offers no warmth and does not provoke frenzy in other vampires. When she releases it at a target within sight, however, it burns like any ordinary fire and is beyond her control.

  • Cost: 1 Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Blood Sorcery
  • System: Lure of Flames uses the following system:
    • Ingredients: A pound of charcoal dust.
    • Process: The caster mixes the charcoal dust with his own Vitae in a bowl while chanting for 2 hours before sunrise, then she set it on fire and waits until it stops burning. The resultant ashes can be collected. Upon necessity, the vampire cuts her palm and grabs a fistful of ashes, concentrating on the fire that once was, calling back its spirit. Once complete, the cold flame will not manifest until the sorcerer opens her fist and channels, however long that takes.
    • System: Each success on the ritual roll grants one use of the ashes, which conjure up a bright, cold flames on her palm. The flames do not harm the caster while controlled, and give off no heat while held in the caster's hand, but can be used as illumination. The caster may 'release' the flames, as a Ranged attack using Composure + Occult to direct the burst of flames; this attack deals Aggravated Damage with a +1 damage modifier, +2 on a Critical Win. Vampires within sight of a Lure of Flames target and/or near an area must also resist a Terror Frenzy of Difficulty 2. A Total Failure on the attack roll results in the caster losing control of the flames momentarily, and the flames turn against them, exploding in their hand; the caster takes 2 Aggravated Damage and must also resist a Terror Frenzy of difficulty 2. Released flames are able to set items around ablaze, such as drapery. Fire created this way is treated as normal fire with no special properties. The ashes are active until the following dawn, or until expended, whichever comes first.
  • Duration: One use per success on the ritual roll.

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