Moment of Doubt

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Presence ••

  • Amalgam: Auspex 2

The vampire’s beast is ever vigilant and prescient, it will panic and cause the vampire’s Presence to flare up to protect itself from harm when attacked without warning.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Wits + Presence vs Composure + Resolve
  • System: When someone initiates an attack against the vampire without the vampire being aware of the attacker, you can if you wish do a rouse check and then roll Wits + Presence vs the attackers Composure + Resolve to see if this power kicks in. On a win the attacker is stunned by the vampire’s beast lashing out and can’t act for one round and the vampire is alerted to the attacker. On a critical win the attacker is awed by the vampires beast and is stunned for one round and after that the attacker can’t act against the vampire for the vampire’s presence level in turns as well as alerting the vampire to the attacker. On a failure the attacker is rattled but pushes through with the attack, deduct one die from the attacker’s pool. Even if the vampire is already in combat any new attacker that the vampire was not aware of before can activate this power.
  • Duration: Passive

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Author: Hoist

Other Credits: Inspired by Phaerlax Moments of Hesitation,


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