Night of a Thousand Eyes

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Oblivion Ceremony •••••

According to the old legends, this ceremony was the final creation of the mad necromancer Lodovico Sangiovanni, who attempted to bring about the Day of Judgement with an army of the hungry dead. Even now, vampires who have no qualms about binding wraiths into service or forcing life back into dead tissue still have reservations about using this technique…though others see it as the Family’s ultimate weapon against the Second Inquisition.

  • Cost: A human sacrifice, a pen carved from a sentient creature’s bone, and a coffin lined with iron.
  • Dice Pool: The necromancer murders the sacrifice, possibly accruing one or more Stains, and lets the blood flow into the coffin. Using a bone pen and the fresh blood, they mark any number of zombies with a sigil encoding their own true name, then they immerse themself completely and seal the coffin shut to block out all light.
  • System: For the remainder of the night, the necromancer can control any of the marked zombies freely, seeing through its eyes and controlling its limbs as though it were their own body and switching from one zombie to another at any time. While possessing their horde, they suffer no impairment, cannot frenzy, and do not apply Hunger dice to their rolls.

At the same time, however, they have no awareness or control of their own body—which is driven solely by the Beast, as if wassailing (see Vampire: the Masquerade Fifth Edition page 241). Sensible necromancers have trusted ghouls inter the coffin under stone and dirt before making the ceremony roll, though this can lead to a very unpleasant night if the roll fails!

  • Duration: One night

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Author: User:Dercomai

Other Credits: Thanks to Sharkey for suggesting the mechanics and drawback of this ceremony!


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