Putrid Sustenance

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Oblivion Ceremony •••

  • Prerequisite: Aura of Decay or Passion Feast

The enterprising necromancer does not just use nearby corpses as components for their craft, but also to slake the ever-present hunger which gnaws at their being. This Ceremony allows a vampire to slake Hunger from a corpse, but does nothing for the disgust they may feel.

  • Cost: One Rouse Check
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Oblivion
  • System: The vampire makes their Ceremony roll and on a win can slake an amount of Hunger from the corpse equal to 1 plus the lower of: their margin of success or the amount of blood the corpse can normally slake (typically 3 for a human corpse). The caster does not require the Iron Gullet Merit, and may count their Blood Potency as two levels lower with regards to penalties to slaking Hunger from corpses, but only for this corpse.
  • Ingredients: The corpse of an animal or mortal, a mixture of the caste's vitae and the ashes of the same species of the corpse
  • Process: The necromancer pours their prepared mixture of vitae and ashes into the corpse's mouth, where it is absorbed into the body and transmutes its vital essence into something they can consume.
  • Duration: One scene

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Author: Alratan

Other Credits: Thanks to LemonadeMochi for requesting the power


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