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You hold a position of authority within a mortal organisation and are able to give orders, requisition assets or command assistance. Whilst you may not be able to sway policies or control society, you can affect day-to-day operations, bring great force to bear in your field of expertise and can easily access locations forbidden to the public. Unlike Status, the organisation within which you hold Rank has an explicit hierarchy rather than a social pecking order, but is also not a supernatural-related group. In order to hold Rank in a supernatural facing group, such as a supernatural task force within the FBI or an order remaining from the days of the First Inquisition, please see the Loresheets in Fragile Mortality.

Like Influence (Vampire: The Masquerade, pp. 187 - 188), Rank applies within one group or region of your city, although the Storyteller can extend it more globally, more locally, or even sideways depending on the nature of the situation. Organisations within which you hold Rank can be similarly diffuse, being the police, firefighting, healthcare, the media, civil service, judiciary, city government or similar mortal organisation. Also like Influence, four dots or five dots in Rank are recommended only for much more regional or nation-wide levels of play.

Like Status (Vampire: The Masquerade, p. 194), the Storyteller may require you to use Rank in place of a Trait in some dice pools, particularly Social tests attempting to sway minor bureaucrats or the equivalent in your group, but doing so should give less benefit or have a higher difficulty than using Influence. It can also allow you to sway others to give you access to things privileged to your position, such as automatic access to a crime scene or injured party (or at least bonus dice to a dice pool to gain access).

You may use Rank to simulate other backgrounds on a temporary basis, such as access to a building which may be used as Haven at short notice, commanding police forces, lawyers, doctors, construction workers or firefighters (depending on organisation) as if Allies, giving access to weaponry or similar equipment as if you had access to the Hidden Armory merit (and some of the new related sub-merits in this document, if appropriate) for Haven, etc. Doing so more than once per Story is likely to attract significant negative attention from your superiors - or even the press - as is doing so for purposes with dubious relation to official business.

Maintaining Rank whilst carrying out supernatural activities may be difficult, particularly for ghouls and let alone for vampires, and you and the Storyteller should bear in mind the consequences your actions may have in exchange for the great benefits. Examples of different ranks are below. In most cases, a character is highly unlikely to hold Rank in more than one organisation at once.


Rating: to •••••


Officer in a North American police force, New Agent Trainee in the FBI, Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church or Resident within a hospital.
••Sergeant in a North American police force, Special Agent in the FBI, Priest in the Roman Catholic Church or Fellow within a hospital.
•••Lieutenant in a North American police force, Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI, Pastor in the Roman Catholic Church or Attending Physician within a hospital.
••••Captain in a North American police force, Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge in the FBI, Diocesan Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church or Head of Department within a hospital.
•••••Commander in a North American police force, Special Agent-in-Charge in the FBI, Archbishop in the Roman Catholic Church or Medical Director within a hospital.
Flaw: {)Disgraced Official. You were once a member of an important organisation, but were discharged due to accusations of improper conduct, whether true or not. You suffer a two-dice penalty when attempting to interact with any members of this organisation and a one-die penalty when dealing with associated people or groups who may know of you as a result.


Author: Alratan, originally from Fragile Mortality

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