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Kindred scholars debate on if this is an appropriate title as many Tremere say the Sabbat are the true home of the Rhemet, citing their ability to diablarise from far away. Well, they aren't far off.These Rhemet are more brutal and terrifying than most, using their time in the Sabbat to cause more pain and misery with their Hemotoknisis. In modern nights many Rhemet flock to the Camarilla or Anarchs in search of greener grasses.

Note: This is a loresheet for my homebrew Rhemet bloodline.

Antitribu rhemet 1.png
Savage Nature
The Rhemet Antitribue are known as some of the most savage and vicious killers within the Sabbat. This creates a natural frightening aura to other kindred. Gain one dice when attempting to intimidate another kindred.
•• Savage Weapons
This kindred has spent some time among the Antitribue. This has allowed them to become more effective at fighting. The character naturally gains two additional dice to melee when fighting against other kindred.
••• Unchained Hemotokinesis
This kindred has spent long enough time in the Sabaat that they no longer care about how inhumane their Hemotoknisis powers are. This causes them to spill extra blood in battle. The kindred revels in the amount of blood split. This blood that they spill grants them additional power. This power manifests as a two-dice bonus to all Hemotoknisis rolls after some blood has been split by them in battle.
•••• Blood for Blood
These Rhemet have come to an understanding with the Salubri antitribue based upon their mutual hate for the Tremere. This has allowed them to go on several raids against the Camarillia and even be known as a killer of the Tremere. This grants them two dots in Blood sorcery from the Tremere they have Diablarized. This loses them one humanity when taking this loresheet. This also grants the kindred two dots of suspect in the Camarilla.
••••• Wrath of the Rhemet
This kindred has gained some power among the Sabbat at large due to them fighting in combat with the Sword countless times. This gives them a seat at the table for many major decisions and some privileges within the remaining Sabbat. Once per chronicle, the character may call a Sabbat raid upon the city. This will usually call forth at least one elder and three packs to wage war against the kindred of the city. The exact actions taken by the packs and elder are decided upon by the ST. Using this power will expose the kindred as a member of the Sabbat in the city, however.


Author: LostGhostGirl

Other Credits: GuavArt


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