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The Slayer hunts the scum of the mortal world, whether they be killers, rapists, crime lords or other horrible figures which decent society would not miss. Perhaps their victims are open and proud, incarcerated, or even hiding amongst good people - their crimes undiscovered.

  • Add a specialty: Investigation (Criminology or Forensics) or Stealth (Shadowing)
  • Gain one dot of: Oblivion or Potence
  • Spend three dots between the Contacts or Influence Backgrounds, representing access to inmates, or contacts in the Underworld or Police force.
  • Gain Flaw: (••) Obvious Predator

Predator Pool: Resolve + Investigation to identify a wolf in sheep's clothing or Wits + Stealth to hunt down a criminal without anyone else seeing.


Author: Alratan, originally from Alratan's V5 House Rules

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