Unburdening the Bestial Soul

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Auspex •••••

The most feared of the Salubri's powers, Unburdening the Bestial Soul allows the vampire to rebuild a target’s tattered soul, at the expense of their own mental fortitude. The vampire draws the subject’s soul out of his body, and into the vampire’s third eye. There, the vampire repairs the soul. During this time, the target’s body is vacant, but alive. It obeys the vampire’s commands (and the vampire must command it to eat and drink, or else it will starve). In addition, a vampire can use Unburdening the Bestial Soul to cleanse a person, place, or object of demonic or evil influence. This isn’t a simple banishment, however. This battle pits the vampire’s moral and spiritual purity against whatever malign entity is present. If the vampire loses the contest, she might lose her own soul in the process.

  • Cost: 2 Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Auspex
  • System: Unburdening the Bestial Soul may be used on any character with a Humanity of 2 or higher, or those with particularly inhuman Convictions.The vampire must make eye contact with the subject and roll Resolve + Auspex versus difficulty 10 minus the target's Humanity. It is generally incredibly difficult to use Unburdening the Bestial Soul against an unwilling target; they must be both conscious and held perfectly still. When used against an unwilling target, the vampire must also succeed in a Resolve + Auspex roll against the target's Resolve + Intelligence. On a botch, the vampire is affected by the target's Clan Compulsion.

Once the target's soul has been drawn out, it becomes one with the vampire's as she engages in the healing process. While the soul is within the vampire, she may restore a point of the target's Humanity by taking a point of Aggravated Willpower damage. The vampire may restore a maximum number of Humanity points equal to her Empathy rating, and may not raise the target's Humanity higher than the sum of the target's Resolve + Composure. For example, a character with Resolve 3 and Composure 2 could not have his Humanity raised above 5 with Unburdening the Bestial Soul.

While the soul is held by the vampire, its body is an empty husk, comatose, or in torpor, with no motivating force within it. A soul whose body is killed immediately vanishes, completely and irreversibly destroyed. Killing the body of a drawn-out soul incurs a Stain. The vampire may return the soul at any time.

If used to draw out a demon, the vampire engages in social combat against the demon using the vampire's Resolve + Auspex versus the demon's Resolve + Composure. If the player fails, the attempt at purification fails. If the vampire's Willpower tracker is filled with Aggravated damage, the demon takes over the vampire's body.

If the vampire is victorious in social combat against the demon, she may thrust the demon into a nearby item, animal or person, trapping it inside the vessel. If this cannot be done within two turns, the demon is able to go free or find find another vessel. If the vampire places a demon in a being likely to suffer from its presence, the vampire incurs a Stain.

  • Duration: One scene

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Author: Charlottepersephone

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