Abyssal Imprint

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Your spiritual deficiency stretches far beyond that of other Lasombra. Far long as you are not in a mortal's company, your distorted imprint in their mind warps over a course of several nights until you are remembered only as a black, all-consuming presence with a voice from the Abyss, or other similarly horrific corruptions. Lasombra characters only.

Further interactions with kine who see you as these Abyssal nightmares come with difficulty, leaving those kine restless, sleepless, and more prone to paranoia. You must either rigorously maintain your mortal connections, Dominate them into forgetting your interaction, bind them into your services as ghouls or become known as hellish nightmares.


Flaw: {••)If a mortal has met you before and retains un-altered memories of them from at least three nights ago, you suffers a two-dice penalty to all Social rolls, except for Intimidation, unless you succeed on a Manipulation + Insight roll at a difficulty of 2 + Bane Severity to put the mortal at ease. Although ghouls' memories of you are still warped, the vitae within them prevents the true horror from settling in their hearts, and you suffers no dice penalty interacting with them. As a result of this corruption, elder Lasombra who suffer this Flaw often find it difficult to maintain most social Backgrounds, particularly Herd.


Author: Alratan, adapted from the Bane of the Lasombra before the modern nights in V5 Dark Ages

Other Credits: Thanks to Matthew Dawkins & Sharkey, with whom I discussed ideas for the Dark Ages Bane on which this Flaw is based.

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