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Blood Sorcery Ritual •••••

  • Prerequisite: Greater Animation

The pinnacle of Biothaumaturgy, this power bestows a dead creature animated through one the lesser powers of this path with a semblance of intelligence it had in life. Animated animals possess a malicious cunning while higher life forms gain the ability to reason deductively rather than satisfy one commands.

  • Cost: 12 Rouse Checks
  • Dice Pool: Applicable dice pools, typically the activation pools, go here.
  • System: Cognizant Construction uses the following system:
    • Ingredients: An organism animated by the rituals Lesser Animation or Greater Animation and the ingredient needed from them minus the deceased body.
    • Process: Using the same principle for preparing the tools as the ritual Thaumaturgy Surgery, the biothaumaturge cuts open the head of the animated creature without stopping the chanting. She then proceeds to heal part by part the brain of the creature, slashing and tearing apart what she cannot mend. This involves an elaborate precision and knowledge of the brain of said creature and might need several nights of hard work. The crucial part (make the Ritual roll then) is the final connexion of all the parts of the brain. In total, this ritual takes twelve Rouse Checks worth of Blood from the caster, but the time that is needed for the completion of it is decided by the Storyteller.
    • System: Although this power gives an animation the base intelligence of said creature, the animation nonetheless till serves the orders it is given by its creator. A creature animated via Cognizant Creation has Mental Attributes of one less then it possessed in life (but never below 1). This won't be creating any undead geniuses, but the story effect is that it creates an animated monster capable of reasoning. A Cognizant Constructions won't mindlessly fight to its second death if it sees a better or clever way of routing foes, and it will be capable of other deductive tasks as well.
  • Duration: The time to finish this ritual is decided by the Storyteller.

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This ritual is the fifth level of Rituals of Biothaumaturgy. Which also includes:

This bizarre path reputedly has its roots in the secret tomes of the inscrutable Black Hand. Over the past few years, its esoteric secrets have spread among certain cabals of Tremere, who regard it as curious mixture of Hermetic science and genetics. Biothaumaturgy concerns itself with the manipulation of life energies. In the laboratories of inspired Biothaumaturgy may be found strange creatures almost out of myth, veritable Frankenstein's monsters and less wholesome creations. Although it is not considered a "taboo" path, Biothaumaturgy is nonetheless strange and unsettling to those who observe its results.

Biothaumaturgy also requires the thaumaturge to have a laboratory where she may conduct her experiments. This need be nothing more complex than a doctor's table and a few sharp knives, but it may be as complex as the "mad scientist" affairs of pulp fiction, with steaming alembics and crackling generators. The Storyteller should feel free to modify a character's Biothaumaturgy difficulties if she has excellent laboratory resources or her facilities are utterly lacking. Working with a crude lab may add two to the difficulty while a high-grade facility may lower his difficulties by two.


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